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The Missing in America Project (MIAP) is a registered 501(c)3 Non-profit Corporation. Our intention is to locate, identify and inter the unclaimed cremains of American veterans. The Missing in America Project was launched nationwide in January, 2007. Further information may also be obtained by contacting the appropriate department/personnel listed below:

Board Of Directors

Don Gerspach, National Director and President of the BOD
Clyde Taylor, Vice President
Linda K. Smith, Board Member
Charlie Warthling, Board Member, Web Site Mgr
Chris Marsh, Board Member
Fred Salanti, Founder & Board Member Emeritus


Don Gerspach

Don Gerspach
National Director and President of the BOD

Clyde Taylor

Clyde Taylor
Vice President, BOD(AZ)

Chris  Marsh

Chris Marsh
National Funeral Home Coordinator, BOD (NY)

Linda  Smith

Linda Smith

(573) 528-6930

Charlie  Warthling

Charlie Warthling
Liaison to Net Source, Website Mgr, BOD (VA)

(757) 567-2682

Lyndia  Kent

Lyndia Kent
National Financial Officer (CA)

(530) 221-0101

Mark  Wells

Mark Wells
National Training Officer, AZ

Don  Reid

Don Reid
National Chaplain, EAST(VA)

Liz  Bartel

Liz Bartel
National Chaplain, WEST(AZ)

Shaun  Pfund

Shaun Pfund
National Laws and Information(AZ)

Sally  Belanger

Sally Belanger
National Liaison Funeral Directors (ME)

Joseph  Smith

Joseph Smith
MIAP Store Manager (MO)

Jan  Peterson

Jan Peterson
National Database Manager (WI)

Paul Annable

Paul Annable
National Liaison to NCSEO

Roger  Graves

Roger Graves
Escort Coordinator UT (National)

John  Caldarelli

John Caldarelli
National Representative (NY)

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