Roger Graves

Escort Coordinator UT (National)

We are Roger and Crystal Graves. Your Utah state MIAP coordinators. We got involved with MIAP after a well-timed retirement in 2007. We wanted to get involved and give back to our veterans and I watched a special on TV with Fred Salanti talking about unclaimed veterans. I could not believe my ears that this was going on. I sent an email and within 5 seconds my phone rang and it was Fred. He said he wanted to get me while I was warm. Fred entrusted me with helping Rick Proetti with California and ultimately put me in charge of the Honors at Arlington mission by giving me the National Road Captain job. A life changing event for both of us and many others that went along. In 2009 we moved to Utah and got to work with locating unclaimed cremains to be identified. My wife Crystal is the Assistant Coordinator and does the lions share of the work, but we remain a team and together have gotten 154 veterans interred with full military honors. We have located 25 families that have attended and received their loved one’s flag. It is an honor to represent Utah.


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