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Help Wanted

The Missing In America Project is looking for a few good people. Actually we are looking for quite a few. We would like to set up a Chaplain Corps throughout all 50 states. As we find the identifiable cremains of veterans and/or eligible family, we need to hold services to honor and lay to rest these heroes or family members. We are finding that many of the cemeteries do not have Chaplains that are assigned to them to perform these services. That is where the Chaplain Corps would come in. If you, or someone you know, fulfills the requirements listed below and feels that the Lord is calling you to help out with this project, please check the state listings under "Contact Us" for a State Chaplain in the state you live in. If a State Chaplain is listed under your state, please contact them and if there is no State Chaplain listed, please contact me.

In His Service

Don Reid (VA)
National Chaplain

Liz Bartel (AZ)
Co-National Chaplain

So who qualifies as an MIAP Chaplain?

  • An ordained minister or experienced Chaplain
  • Someone experienced in counseling
  • Someone to offer support, prayer and spiritual guidance
  • Someone that ministers to those in need without impudence
  • Someone that performs clergy functions (funeral)
  • Someone that helps the family of a fallen hero through their grief

It is also important to say what a Chaplain is not:

  • Will not try to “convert” you
  • Does not represent one specific religion
  • Does not have any hidden agenda
  • Is not judgmental or rude

It does not matter what your religious belief, your political views, your lifestyle or hair color is. If you feel this is your calling and you can meet these requirements, please contact me.

Thank you and God Bless

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