In Memory Of Those
MIAP Volunteers That Have Passed

“A Soldier Has Died”

By Charlie Tritto

Many hearts and lives have been broken

Many tears have been wiped from our eyes,

Many angels have mourned and wept sadly  

For you see, a Soldier has died.

No more letters would be sent to her hero

By his young wife of nearly eight years,

For the words of a visiting Chaplain

Have confirmed her very worst fears.

The birthday card sent to her Daddy

By the six-year-old girl he adored,

Had come back unopened months later

For her father had died in the war.

She’d no longer be able to hug him

Or have him tuck her in bed at night,

For he’d died protecting her freedoms

Her brave Father who’s gone to the light.

She and Dad were to walk down the aisle

But quite sadly, it never will be, 

He won’t be at the church to give her away

For he’s been buried with honors, you see.

Mom still sets him a place at their table

Though his smile has long since been gone,

And now carving the bird on Thanksgiving

Falls each year on his young teenage son.

Yes, this is the price that some have paid

Right here, in the U S of A,

The greatest nation on earth that is second to none

Where we live free, and thrive, and play.

So, let us never forget our fallen

When we drop to our knees and pray,

And give thanks to our heavenly patriots  

Who for our tomorrows, gave their todays.

Fred "Ducpho" Salanti

02/1/1948 - 11/07/2023

Major, USA Vietnam

Missing In America Project

Veteran Recovery Program


Richard (Rich) Hays Cesler Sr.
09/17/1947 - 07/16/2023
USAF Vietnam 
Missing In America Project 
Veteran Recovery Program
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Bruce Compton

MIAP BOD Emeritus

Rick Proietti

California VRO for Shasta & Tehama Counties

Bob Pasero


MIAP National Chaplain

California Volunteer

John L. "Scooter" or "Louie" Price

Ohio Volunteer

Lanny Golden

US ARMY - Vietnam Veteran - Pennsylvania State Coordinator

Bill Henry

US ARMY - Vietnam Combat Veteran - Nebraska State Coordinator

James Fuller

USMC - Vietnam Combat Veteran - N. Arizona State Coordinator

Jim Scollen (LT)

US Army - Vietnam Veteran - Florida State Coordinator

Virgil "Tom" O'Berry

Florida Asst. State Coordinator

Daniel George Cook

California Escort Rider (1953-2014)

Alan Shaw

New York State Chaplain

Richard "Trike" Amick

Virginia Escort Rider & Volunteer

LTG Paul Menoher

Military Liaison (VA)

Tony Ginocchio

Tony Ginocchio 4/5/1947-4/30/2020

Sgt 1st class USA Vietnam Airborne /Ranger

WalMart Veteran Liaison (CA)

John Martin 

Volunteer/Escort Rider (CA)

David Knapp

US Army-Vietnam Veteran-Chaplain(FL)

Robert Johnson

US Army-Vietnam Veteran(SC) US Army 65'-92' Sgt. Major

J Rick N'Tel Smith
    USN 1969
09/10/1951-- 01/11/2022
Steven Harris Spickelmier
USN Torpedoman 1962 - USAF Ret. MSgt 1987
16July1944 - 25January2022
Bob Patrick, WA
Robert "Bob" Patrick
March 1946 - 26Feb2022
Frank Bade "Bud" Theime Jr.
MIAP Finance Officer
SSGT David Eugene Hermes
USA Vietnam
Tony Hampton, AZ
USMC Vietnam
5/5/1956 - 7/20/2023
Diane Elaine DeLorie, FL
9/17/1951 - 7/22/2022
Grady "Tiny" Dillon, AZ
08/12/1955 - 09/04/2023
Msgt. Cecil Wayne Corbin, VA
US Army 
Vietnam/Persian Gulf
1955 - 2023
John Epstein, AZ
2March1954 - 28Oct2023
Robert(Bob) Barefiled, AL
24Sept1946 - 22Dec2023

Donations Received In Memory of those

Veterans Who Have Passed

Donation received In Memory of

Ross Edward Scanio, LtCol USMC, from Melody and Shain McCaig.

Ross Edward Scanio, a beloved son, brother, father, and grandfather, passed away on July 3, 2022, at 58 years old. Despite the tragic loss, his last moments here on earth were spent doing what he loved, which was flying. Born on February 27, 1964, in upstate, NY to Donna Scanio and Ross John Scanio, he was destined to be a pilot. He attended Hastings College, NE and subsequently served 20 years in the Marine Corps with his primary duty as a Naval Aviator flying the F/A-18 Hornet. Originally stationed in Southern California, he moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 2000 with his family and that became home. Scanio achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before deploying one last time to Iraq. After returning, he became a United Airlines pilot.
In recent years, philanthropy became his greatest focus, particularly by honoring Veterans in need of support. His most recent project, Adrenaline Therapy, was a company built to use adrenaline as a way of helping other Veterans ease their transition from service to civilian life. 
He was an inspiration to us all as he devoted himself to uplifting others by sharing his story and by volunteering in numerous organizations. The world lost one of its brightest sparks. He will be missed terribly.
Ross leaves behind his parents, brother, and three children: Amber, Ross Jr, Christopher, and his one-year-old grandson, Max.
He will receive Military Funeral Honors in the Fall of 2022.

John A. Stefanchik, Sr.

Surgical Technician Fifth Grade

Purple Heart Recipient 

WWII US Army 1943-1945

Zachary Forester


Vietnam and Persian Gulf USMC

Richard D. Clark

Vietnam Veteran(on behalf of League of Historical Societies of NJ)

Donation Received In Memory of Jeanette Kalb

On behalf of Mr. Leonard Holtz, Hebrew Funeral Association, West Hartford, CT

Donation made from Paul Cook and Deborah Thompson Cook in memory of veteran Harry Cook and wife Ruth.

In memory of Janet Scovill Herweg, M.D.  (1919 - 1958.  Dr Scovill Herweg was the spouse of  John C. Herweg, M.D. He was a medical student when he enlisted and was assigned to service in a TB hospital here in the states. A donation to MIAP was sent on behalf of Dr Heweg by her daughters.

Donation received in Memory of Lindsey Sales of Arizona.

Donation received in Memory of Msgt. Cecil Wayne Corbin from his Sister In Law Mrs. Annette Geiger.

In Their Words Families Remembering

Their Loved Ones

Rick and Linda Hankins

Remembering A1C Richard A. Elliott USAF

Bill Drews

Remembering Harry Westmire WWII, USN

I wanted to take a couple minutes to say "thank you" to your organization.

Harry Westmire, a WWII Navy vet, passed away in 1986. He was my favorite Granddad.

Unfortunately, I was told a month after he passed away, which was extremely frustrating to

me. I was in my early-20s and life moved on with a frustration I never had the chance to say


Fast forward 34 years later, and I decided to see what I could find out about my Grandpa,

when I realized he had passed away in Cottonwood, AZ. I had no clue he was "here" in AZ

where me and my family moved to less than a year ago!

After Googling his name, I was completely surprised to find that he was left in an "unclaimed"

status in the Cottonwood funeral home, through no fault of the home. My mother, and her

sister, never passed any information on to us kids.

I was able to not only "find him', but I saw how MIAP had taken him from the funeral home

and...with honors and respect...moved him to the National Cemetery in Phoenix. With Military

honors. After 34 years, I was able to go visit my Grandpa, touch his headstone and honestly,

get pretty emotional in a very good way.

Although this is a simple email, I want you to know this was a "healing" situation for me. I'd

been cut off from him and now, thanks truthfully to MIAP, I have some history, which was

previously lost to me.

So, thank you Clyde, and MIAP, for giving me some peace that had alluded me.


Bill Drews

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