Missing In America Project
"It's The Right Thing To Do!"
MIAP Memorial

In Memory of those MIAP Volunteers
That Have Passed Away

Bruce Compton - MIAP BOD Emeritus

Rick Proietti - California VRO for Shasta & Tehama Counties

Bob Pasero - MIAP National Chaplain

Trevamay Gebhart - California Volunteer

John L. "Scooter" or "Louie" Price - Ohio Volunteer

Lanny Golden - US ARMY - Vietnam Veteran - Pennsylvania State Coordinator

Bill Henry - US ARMY - Vietnam Combat Veteran - Nebraska State Coordinator

James Fuller - USMC - Vietnam Combat Veteran - N. Arizona State Coordinator

Jim Scollen (LT) - US Army - Vietnam Veteran - Florida State Coordinator

Virgil "Tom" O'Berry - Florida Asst. State Coordinator

Daniel George Cook - California Escort Rider (1953-2014)

Alan Shaw - New York State Chaplain

Richard "Trike" Amick - Virginia Escort Rider & Volunteer

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Updated: 11/04/2018