Missing In America Project
"It's The Right Thing To Do!"

Donations may be made to the PayPal Account STORE@MIAP.US or send check or money order to:

Missing In America Veterans Recovery Program,
National Office
396 Catalina Bay Dr.
Sunrise Beach, MO 65079

Previous Donors

Missouri California Oregon Arizona Georgia
Ron Maki Tobacco & Brew (2 monthly) VFW Post 4116 (6) Arizona Rebel Alliance (4) Georgia Vietnam Veterans Alliance (2)
Dr. Mike Yoshita Jim Gibson Dave Nishwich (2)    
Dave Dambrosio Doris Gonzales (4) Eagle Riders aerie 2093 (1)    
Maya Helen Birchler CA AmVets (166) Ladies Auxiliary Purple Heart
Medford (2)
Route 66 Trikers (5) WalMart Heart (10) Annoymous, Grants Pass (1)    
    Pharaohs Street Rodders (245)    

Updated: 06/17/2019